LETTER: Chivalry is alive and well in Nelson

From reader Deborah Kennedy

On Tuesday, July 13, a load of plywood and 500 pounds of floor leveling compound fell from the back of my truck in the middle of the four way intersection on Baker Street, in the midst of heat and the 4:00 rush. As I jumped out of my vehicle to try to reload the material, a man shouted from his truck that he would help me. Before I could lift one of the fifty pound bags of compound, six wonderful gentlemen appeared.

In short order they reloaded my truck. With quick thank yous, I hopped in my vehicle and cleared the intersection. It was rush hour, and traffic was backed up. I never did get their names, nor get to shake their hands.

I’ve told this story to a few people in the intervening days and it’s invariably put a smile on their faces. What a blessing to have such men in town. To these gentlemen, from the bottom of this lady’s heart, thank you.

Deborah Kennedy


Nelson Star