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LETTER – Child Haven organizers apologize for fundraising dinner shortcomings

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

On behalf of Child Haven International, I would like to thank all those who supported our 17th annual fundraising dinner in Courtenay by purchasing a take-out dinner. These dinners are one of the main fundraising events held in Canada to support Child Haven and 89 per cent of the money raised goes directly to fund homes for over 1,300 children, to run women’s programs, and to support the elderly.

I would also like to extend a heartfelt apology to all who purchased the dinner this year and felt that their portions were rather meagre. Along with most large events Canada-wide, this year’s Child Haven Fundraising dinner, usually held at the Filberg Centre, was cancelled due to COVID-19. In the hope of finding a way to still support this project I approached some volunteers with the idea of a “take-out” dinner in place of the usual sit-down dinner. The plan was hatched and all involved were very excited to help with the new venture.

Unfortunately, in our enthusiasm to raise funds for Child Haven, we now realize that we far overstretched our ability to supply the quantity of food that we would have liked to provide. At our sit-down dinners, we usually fed 200 people. This year we tried to feed 400, and in spite of our best efforts, our supporters were left short. I can only imagine the disappointment some people felt on receiving a smaller dinner than expected. This was a very steep learning curve for us and we discovered valuable lessons that can inform future events.

Once again from the bottom of my heart, I apologize. As well I would like to express my appreciation for your patience and commitment to the welfare of the children supported by Child Haven.

Namaste and Peace,

Heather Holm and the Courtenay Child Haven Committee

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