LETTER: Change rules so more food can be used

Food banks forced to destroy some donated items

Regarding the letter from Val Holroyd titled, “Be satisfied with less than perfect”.

I completely agree with Ms Holroyd’s commonsense view on the necessity of utilizing more of the donated food to our local food bank, who are constantly appealing for more help from Abbotsford’s already generous citizens.

I was a boy in England during WWII and can remember being hungry most of the time. My family were luckier than most, as towards the end of the war my parents had room to keep a few chickens, so we were not short of eggs from then on. However, all other food and clothing items were rationed and so we never had enough to prevent some pangs of real hunger. By the time I was 11 years old my mother would leave a cake tin on the dresser in which she would leave any leftover stale scones or pancakes that would see me through until (high) tea time. Food was so scarce that the government made it a criminal offence for anyone caught wasting it.

We have been assured  that there is sufficient food in the world to feed everyone, but the trouble is distribution. That’s not the only problem if we make rules that force our food banks to destroy some donated items because they are home made or are deemed to be beyond the best to consume date. Even restaurants are not allowed to use food items (even wrapped items) that have been served but not required by the customer.

I suggest the regulators, donors, distributors and consumers get  together and come up with a solution that is not wasteful and that enables poor families to receive edible food that may not be completely fresh.

James R. Happer

Abbotsford News