Letter: Change result of direct protest to government

Mr. Box has attempted to circumvent the issue on re-allocation of animals.


Mr. Box, in his letter which criticizes my letter to Cariboo Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett regarding the re-allocation of animals between resident hunters and guide outfitters, has attempted to circumvent the issue.

While Barnett’s assistant sent a response, Barnett did not.

Nor has she to this day answered my question.

Does she support the decision of the BC Liberal Government regarding the reallocation?

The lesson in math was directed to Barnett and the Liberal Government, who tried to pass off the increase to guide outfitters as 10 per cent when, in fact, it was 50 per cent.

The changes Mr. Box refers to as only involving 65 to 70 animals was a direct result of protests made to the government by people such as myself.

Regarding “get off your soapbox:” the last time I checked, speaking from a soapbox was a legitimate form of protest in Canada, Mr. Box, which you clearly understand as shown by the contents of your letter.

From one soapboxer to another,

Wayne Fox

Lac La Hache

Williams Lake Tribune