LETTER: Cartoon called nasty

Vast percentage of men respectful to women

It both saddens and infuriates me that the cartoon in your Sunday, Jan. 28 edition painted all men with the

brush of sexual predator.

How does this help the cause of those both female and male who have experienced life-altering abuses?

This cartoon was both tasteless and nasty.

I am among the myriad women who can claim “Me too,” but I would hope the backlash against men does not turn into cultural misandry.

Let’s remember that the vast percentage of men, who find the behaviour of abusers abhorrent, should not be painted with the same brush.

Continuing to vilify males for being male has the same kind of distorted thinking that once prevailed, where in women whose hem lines were shorter had it coming.

Hopefully, the drawer of this cartoon, and the people who chose to publish it will have a rethink as to how far

down this new road of blaming an entire gender for the acts of some society should go.

Christina Roeters

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