LETTER: Candidate's comments, past actions raise concerns

LETTER: Candidate’s comments, past actions raise concerns

I would question the temperament of a man who was so quick to lash out during his campaign

Dear Editor:

I was astonished and dismayed by Ron Kubek’s vitriolic and potentially libellous allegations and inferences about the slip up in the Oct. 4 Summerland Review, when his photo was mistakenly omitted along with other formatting errors.

He suggests that this was a deliberate smear attempt by the paper against him.

He moves on to say the paper deliberately chose “to minimize me and my campaign” and that the paper is putting its “finger on democracy.”

He also suggests that the mayoralty candidates may somehow have been involved in this conspiracy against him!

Although the paper doesn’t know him, he states in his letter that it chose to make him invisible.

I would question the temperament and rationality of a man who was so quick to lash out with such serious and unsubstantiated allegations during his campaign.

Is this an indication of the type of leader we can expect should he be elected?

It may further interest the citizens of Summerland to know former developer/realtor Kubek had the dubious honour of winning the satirical Dogwood Initiative “Pavey” award for “contributing the most to urban sprawl on rural and agricultural land” in the Central Saanich area where he hails from.

His interests do not seem to be in line with preserving our agricultural heritage.

I cherish and highly value our rural and agricultural landscape.

I am pro development, but decidedly against urban sprawl ruining our beautiful rural municipality.

Two reasons why this individual is not someone I would wish to see on our council.

Joan Skeet


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