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LETTER: Canadian drinking laws are antiquated

What? It's okay to shoot up in a Maple Ridge or Pitt Meadows park, but not to consume any alcohol

Dear Editor,

[RE: Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows not allowing drinking in parks, May 21, The News]

How dare anyone thinks of having a glass of wine or a bottle of beer in a park.

After all, parks are for families, not rowdies or alcoholics, according to Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows politicians.

Alcohol in parks could cause disturbances, like fighting etc.. I wonder could this be related to Canadian culture of hockey fighting?

Yes, it seems politicians know best, even though it’s the tax payers who appointed them and pay their salaries.

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Let’s be real, Canadian drinking laws have been archaic for more than 65 years.

When I came to B.C. as a young person, beer parlours had separate entrances for gentlemen and ladies with escorts, and the inside had a separation wall.

I could not believe my eyes, this was in 1956. And beer parlours were noisy as hell.

How backwards could drinking cultures be in a modern country like Canada?

Drinking laws have gradually improved, and adults can be treated more like adults – not like a bunch of drunks.

Europeans had more drinking freedom 65 years ago than Canadians have today.

On the other hand, druggies can dope themselves up without restrictions and governments have no problems spending millions of dollars on treating their filthy habits.

Paramedics and firefighters bring them back to life or scrape them up of the road while other important medical cases have to take their turns.

Talking about priorities?

Lance Felgnar, Pitt Meadows


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