LETTER: Cadets need your help

The Grand Forks Cadets badly need a new leader, writes Major Kevin Debiasio.

Editor, the Gazette

The Cadet Program in Grand Forks is in significant need of adult leaders to train, administer and supervise cadets in 841 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.

The Cadet Program is community-based and right now we do not have the community support we need to continue offering a dynamic, structured and engaging program, one that has been life-changing to so many youth in this area.

You may not be aware that the adult leaders of the Cadet Program come from your community; they are parents, educators, neighbours and friends.

Becoming a part of the Cadet Program as a Civilian Instructor or a Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) Officer is a choice that many adult leaders in Grand Forks have already made throughout the years, and one we hope you will consider.

It’s easier than you may think, it’s a lot of fun and the skills you learn as an adult leader are transferable to your regular employment.

The cadets in your community, your children and their friends, make valuable contributions through citizenship and community-service activities. They are developing valuable life skills such as leadership, self-confidence, self-esteem, communication and teamwork. And they are relying on you to make a difference by ensuring the Cadet Program continues in this community.

If you would like to know more about the opportunities available as an adult leader in the Cadet Program, please contact Major Kevin Debiasio at 250-231-0710 or kevin.debiasio@cadets.gc.ca.

Thank you for your continued support,

LCol Neville Head Commanding Officer Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific)

David Hood President Navy League of Canada BC Mainland Division

Kirk Jones President Army Cadet League of Canada BC Branch

Doug Slowski President Air Cadet League of Canada BC Provincial Committee


Grand Forks Gazette