Letter: Bullying continues into adult life

I am over 50 years old and am still being bullied to this day.

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2015 was Pink Shirt, Stop Bullying Day. On this day I encouraged people to not only wear a pink shirt, but to be brave and stand up to any and all bullies in their midst. I know from experience that bullies don’t stop bullying until confronted.

Bullying doesn’t just happen in school either. I am over 50 years old and am still being bullied to this day by my neighbours and my Regional District.

I have been subjected to hours of barking for the past five years, despite having a dog bylaw against barking for more than five minutes. None of my neighbours will complain about the barking and I am told that I need another neighbour to complain.

I keep reporting and nothing is done.  How anyone can stand to listen to 5 1/2 hours of two dogs howling and barking is beyond me. The other two dogs are at large chasing and barking at wildlife most nights. Nobody seems to care about the dogs or the wildlife they chase.

Because I keep complaining and getting upset about nothing being done, I am told by my Regional District that my behaviour has to change, before I get any dog control.

Bullying is rampant in my life.

Sharon Schnurr, Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News