District of Hope sign outside district hall. Hope Standard file photo

District of Hope sign outside district hall. Hope Standard file photo

Letter: Bud Gardner says thanks, but no thanks, to run for mayor



I wish to thank all of the many, many people who came in asking me to run for mayor. Thank you for your confidence in me. I put a lot of serious thought into it but because of my age and my wife’s health issues, as you know, I decided not to pursue it.

I, too, have serious concerns about what is happening in our community and I think we need to make some drastic decisions.

The amount of staff, the waste of money, the train station, AdvantageHOPE — I do not see any progress there, costing a lot of money, our high taxes.

The new council needs to get more involved with the staff on costing and control of spending. We need council members that make decisions as if they were spending their own money, not raising taxes but try to lower them.

Council needs to support local people and business, not spending our money out of the district.

I suggested years ago that the district buy the Anderson property, move district office and shop, search and rescue and police there and turn the existing district office into the tourist bureau and arts council. It is still not to late. Selling existing district property would pay for much of this.

It is time for a new direction and we all should vote accordingly.

P.S. I see an outside contractor doing the roof on District Hall. Way to support local business, council.


Bud Gardner

Hope Standard