LETTER: Bring back Harper

Morning Star reader says Canadians need to be more aware of the federal budget's shortcomings

Letter to the editor

When will thinking Canadians wake up to the cynical budget that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just foisted on future taxpayers?

Why, amidst a public health pandemic, does Canada suddenly need a childcare program that has alluded Liberal politicians for decades when the abysmal care home situation has been revealed as a national disgrace?

Instead, we are blessed with Deb Schulte, Minister of Seniors Canada, part of Trudeau’s expanded feminist approach to government.

She has remained silent during the crisis, obviously paralyzed by the immensity of the task facing her and inability to respond at the cabinet level with any realistic program to right the situation.

To add insult to injury, we are dealt the O’Toole card that wants a public inquiry into Vance’s sex life and Jagmeet Singh who bounces around his party’s vacuous tax policies while carrying water to Trudeau’s failing government.

Wow, real issues that simply beg for resolution!

I’ve often wondered about the collective mindset that elects and supports politicians who do nothing but create incredible problems in this country and then somehow convince us that they are not responsible for our demise, but are working diligently to prioritize and resolve the issues.

Ça Alors!

Are we not now led by the most dismal cast of characters grouped into a mediocre atmosphere that does little more than spin us the most disgusting rationale for their bungling and political correctness?

I say can Chrystia Freeland and bring back Harper!

Alan Wilson

Vernon Morning Star

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