LETTER: Black Creek senior doesn’t want pipeline

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

I am a senior age working Canadian who is very concerned that we are wasting the talents of all our Canadian citizens on considering building another pipeline to move old school carbon fuel of the dirtiest heavy kind and onto ships in congested harbours and oceans and without true Indigenous people’s consultation.

We are a well-educated nation who has the talent to transition to new age energy sources without falling for “ram-through” processes that want to support dying or dead past practices that are going to kill or severely alter all life on this planet of which we as humans are just one part.

Just look to pension funds and major investment governance boards worldwide who are moving major investment money quickly into the future energy source investments and away from old school life killer carbon producing investments and companies. The smart money knows the risk to us all and the need for action now.

Tom Tinsley,

Black Creek

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