The debate about in-person church services continues as people express their opinions in letters to the editor. (File photo)

LETTER: Bible clear about church services

Churches in Langley and nearby communities have held services in defiance of Public Health Orders

Dear Editor,

The Christian Fundamentalist pastors and their flock open churches during the COVID-19 plague.

They justify this by using the Canadian Charter of Rights, forgetting their proclaimed belief that the Bible as the inerrant word of God, and their guiding light.

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Jesus preached “You shall not tempt the Lord thy God” and “Love your neighbour as yourself.”

Surely this includes not spreading the plague to others?

And defying Public Health Orders is covered in Ecclesiastes (the Book of Sirach).

“Honour physicians for their services… There may come a time when recovery lies in the hands of physicians, for they, too, pray to the Lord… He who sins against his Maker, will be defiant toward the physician.

Rodney Glynn-Morris, West Vancouver

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