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Letter: Bernier a Liberal Trojan horse

To the editor:

To the editor:

When Maxime Bernier launched his PPC, he was flat broke.

In less than a year, he had enough funding to sponsor candidates in all federal ridings.

When reformers funded and built the Reform Party of Canada, we needed several years and tons of money to get 52 MPs elected. Reform came second in 80 Ontario ridings.

Bernier got the money from his Quebec pals who are well funded in the Asian economy banks they deal with—none of that money will be traced back to a Canadian bank account.

The latest Asian business investment vehicle is AIIB, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in Beijing, China. In the past year, the PM invested $260 million in AIIB.

He was preparing a soft landing for SNC Lavalin in Asia: SNC will have a criminal record for the next 10 years in Canada.

Canadian conservatives should Google Quebec’s power corporation and power financial. Be prepared to spend a lot of time researching all the web pages owned by Power Corp.

This global Quebec business conglomerate—on paper—practically owns all of Canada.

The great tragedy for the rest of the nation—when they finally discover how serious the situation is—they may react with extreme prejudice: Had the Quebecers earned their wealth honestly the pain for English Canada might not be so severe.

Unfortunately, the Quebecers have stolen their fortune by using taxpayer grants and subsidies: The four Quebec prime ministers—Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and Paul Martin were Power Corp silent partners.

Bernier and his Quebec pals, regardless of political party, will stick together just like they always have when taking advantage of the west’s minority vote in federal elections. He and his Quebec pals are the Liberal Trojan Horse.

What is it about Canadian conservatives which have supported Bernier? Why can’t they see the big picture?

Canada’s conservatives are behaving today in much the same manner they did when Stanfield and Mulroney were running the show. They have circled the wagons like conservative always do—they then shoot inwards.

Unfortunately, at this time, 60 per cent of Albertans and 50 per cent of Saskatchewan folks are seriously looking toward independence.

The non-stop pipeline protest fiasco well funded by at least $600 million in grants and subsidies from the Rockefeller Foundation (New York) and Tides foundation (San Francisco) have pushed Alberta and Saskatchewan closer to the breaking point of no return.

Half of B.C.’s Indigenous reservations protesting pipelines are up to their eyebrows in foreign funding, the other half of B.C. Aboriginals want the pipelines.

Ernie Slump


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