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LETTER: Banning guns is not the solution

Wanting to clear up misconceptions by Maple Ridge letter writer that a ban will fix things

Dear Editor,

[RE: Gun ban overdue, May 22, The News online]

There is so much wrong with that letter.

We already have very strict gun laws in Canada, with very strong background checks.

The guns used in that shooting were acquired illegally, which this gun ban (or any gun ban) will never stop from happening.

That man wasn’t allowed to own any firearms for years, and police were apparently warned about him.

I’m sick of people, with no real knowledge of firearms and hunting in Canada, voicing very misleading information, and then media outlets not doing their own research and passing this miss information on to even more un-educated people.

Canada does not have a legal firearm issue in any way.

Banning firearms from legal, background checked, responsible citizens is a waste of money and will only make criminals more dangerous with they’re illegal firearms.

There is information available on this from other countries that have removed firearms from citizens.

Spend the money fighting criminals.

This citizen vs. citizen opinion war needs to stop.

And media outlets should be ashamed of themselves for feeding this false, inaccurate behaviour.

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Push the government to fight real issues, like illegal firearms, homelessness, the drug epidemic, the list goes on.

I could go on and on about the letter, but I will keep it short.

Hunters are the number one contributor to wildlife management, by far.

It’s not about killing for sport or ego at all.

It’s a passion and a way of life for the cleanest, healthiest meat with no processing or products added.

And it’s well managed. McDonalds?! Gotta be kidding right?? I’ll leave that part at that.

If you don’t want to eat meat, great. I don’t harrass you about eating kale and lettuce. All those massive plant farms kill more small animals to save the greens then anyone will ever know.

Complain about and fight some real issues.

Start with real criminals. That will actually solve firearm and drug related issues.

Feel free to share this to the writer of that letter. Maybe he will do some real research and use his time to fight something that will show real results.

Curtis Herron,



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