Letter: ‘Banksters’ control ‘subservient puppet governments’

Elite families/banksters who control the money…control their subservient puppet governments who order the invasions, assaults, genocides.

To the editor:

I’ll try to keep this short and bittersweet.

I shook my head in disgust when I saw the cartoon in Thursday’s [Aug. 29] edition of the Capital News on page A10.

This propaganda controlled cartoonist [Rodenwalt] has got his idea on how the world is run all wrong. His cartoon shows a caricature of Syria’s, King Assad looking up at a large boot (depicting world justice) that is ready to stomp on him.


Very wrong.

The cartoon should be altered slightly. The caricature of Syria’s King Assad should be removed and instead be replaced with an Iraqi baby, a Palestinian mother, old men and old women, infants and toddlers and children, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters of the sovereign nations of Guatemala, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Korea, Lebanon, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iran, Libya, Panama, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Philippines, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Panama, Korea, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Pakistan and Syria.

The world emblem on the heel of the boot in this cartoon should be replaced with a ‘United Corporations of America’ military complex emblem. Maybe an eagle holding a decapitated head of a baby Islamic terrorist in the talons of one foot and a military drone in the other and on the chest of the eagle should be a large gold $.

This is how I see the world is run, Mr. Rodenwalt. The elite families/banksters who control the money and own 99 per cent of the world’s wealth finance and own the multi-national corporations which control their subservient puppet governments who order the invasions and assaults and genocides and remote killings with their military complex on poor, weak non-compliant nations for strictly one reason only—more power and more wealth and more control of the world, and its people, and its resources for the elite families/banksters.

Was that short and bittersweet enough for you?

Rory Kapchinsky,



Kelowna Capital News