Come together and play board games, interact with each other. This could be a blessing that comes out of COVID-19, as families reconnect. (Roxanne Hooper/The News)

LETTER: Amid COVID-19, rejoice in coming together as a family

Once the world accepts the current situation, they can start to find the good things coming from it

Dear Editor,

(The following is an attempt to be of encouragement to anyone who could use some.)

These are probably the most trying times we ever have experienced.

We want to meet with people and in many cases to have close contact with them, many are anxious about their children’s education or about not being able to go to work.

We are just not used to that anymore.

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But there is a ray of hope.

It might surprise you how great it is to bond together as families. Once you resign yourselves to accepting the current situation, start doing things together.

Dig up some of the board games you used to have so much fun with.

Re-discover the long forgotten photo albums. Your children will love them, guaranteed.

Find the forgotten coloring books, or any books for that matter, as well as those jigsaw puzzles. All this can be great fun.

And remember that not all education happens at school!

In fact, the most important education begins at home if you love and care for your family.

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Furthermore, do you really need those things you want to get right now? It is good exercise to make do with what you have around the house already.

Nothing is better for most people than to strengthen the family ties, including friends that are like family and neighbours.

Our hope and prayer is that, doing those things as much as possible – since now you have the time for it – you may have more peace with your situation, so that you can somewhat let go of your anxieties, which in turn will help with your resistance to the Covid-19.

Walter Verwoerd, Maple Ridge

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