LETTER- Allowing patents on seeds is a slippery slope

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

I read the article, Black Creek farmers see soil in whole new way with interest. It reminded me of a gardening workshop I attended some years ago. The presenter said, ‘Our focus shouldn’t be on growing food. It should be on growing soil.’ It is the soil that grows the food; we just plant the seeds.

It seems a self-evident truth, and yet the multi-billion-dollar “poison cartel” agri-chemical industry propagates exactly the opposite message. And our governments have enabled the proliferation of toxic chemicals and now genetically modified plants, and even allow patents on seeds. Just think about the logical ramifications of Bayer or Monsanto controlling the seed supply or of it being illegal to save your own seeds!

Many blessings to our local seed savers and organic farmers who are the essential workers of our future.

Megan Ardyche,

Comox Valley

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