LETTER All voices on COVID-19 should be heard

From reader Margot MacLaren

Re: “Lockdown is unjustified,” Letters, July 2

Thank you for publishing Dan Metzger’s letter. At least two Facebook comments I read suggested that his letter should not have been published. That means censorship. Why?

Perhaps other readers will agree that there is always more than one perspective on any given situation. That one perspective, in the case of COVID-19 and the lockdown, is the popular narrative, the ‘right’ narrative. Why not hear from more than just one side?

What if I don’t listen to and absorb the popular narrative? And what if the mainstream narrative isn’t offering the truth? Why not ask questions about what is coming at us? Why not be open-minded? Does the open mind close when it is afraid?

In my opinion, in a psychologically healthy family or community, I will find respectful and invigorating questions and discussion, on any subject. In a healthy family, all voices are heard. Do we as a community have autonomy in how we respond to a crisis?

On July 6, Vaccine Choice Canada formally filed legal action in the Ontario Superior Court, to hold multiple parties accountable for their actions with respect to COVID-19 measures. The defendants include the Government of Canada, the City of Toronto, various public health officers, and the CBC, among others.

Margo MacLaren


Nelson Star

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