LETTER: All election candidates in Langley deserve invite to meeting

LETTER: All election candidates in Langley deserve invite to meeting

Brian Cameron is critical of a by-invitation-only all-candidates event with select hopefuls invited.

Dear Editor,

Re: By-invitation Meet and Greet for Township election candidates organized by the Canadian Foundation for Better Government.

There’s partisanship and then there’s absurdity.

The exclusivity of this group’s meet-and-greet fits the latter and worse.

It’s an accepted fact that special interest groups will support and attempt to promote candidates that meet their interests, and so are likely to champion their desires if elected.

It’s another matter entirely to exclude any candidate regardless of political viewpoint from being allowed the opportunity to answer to questions and offer debate, at whichever candidates’ meetings that are scheduled.

The end result is an event that lacks any integrity.

For mayor, only Jack Froese is invited. Is there fear from this group that Anna Remenik or Alex Joehl will be more adept speakers or be more in tune with community issues?

In the incumbent councillor category only Blair Whitmarsh and Angie Quaale are blessed with worthiness.

What’s the problem with Petrina Arnason, Kim Richter, David Davis, Bob Long, or Michelle Sparrow giving their opinions and viewpoints on issues?

You offer opportunity for Bev Dornan, but decide Steve Ferguson doesn’t belong?

In the newbie category you’ve raised to exalted status, Michael Pratt and Margaret Kunst.

At the same time, you’ve pre-determined that; Eric Woodward, Michelle Connerty, Gary Hee, Gail Chaddock-Costello, Phyllis Hoeppner, Jonathan Houweling, Kanwar (Sunny) Hundal, Kerri Ross, Terence Sheldon, Craig Teichrieb, Stacey Wakelin, and Harold Whittell should be relegated to second-class status?

You list your criteria as; fiscal responsibility and personal integrity.

I would suggest that if your dream team possessed the integrity you hold to such high regard, none would agree to participate in your silver-spoon event.

In past years other special interest groups like the chamber of commerce and the firefighter’s union (IAFF) showed their integrity by inviting all.

To be sure they posed questions that suited their wants and needs, but at least they held events that offered opportunity for all.

There are several on this entire list that aren’t likely to get my vote.

They’ve thrown themselves into the campaign fire, however, and as such deserve this and any other opportunity to change my mind and anyone else’s.

Brian Cameron, Langley


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