Letter: advantages of being a poor senior

Hydro loves us because we're either too cold or too hot


I don’t face discrimination when it comes to increases in food, gas, clothing, telephone, cable, or property taxes and ICBC rates, our costs go up equally.

Hydro loves us because we’re either too cold or too hot, we need good light to see and our scooters are always on the charge.

Tax time isn’t scary for us as we don’t get enough to pay back anything.

Most of the flyers in the papers can be tossed as our food comes from a food bank and our clothes from a thrift store.

If I forget my care card I don’t have to worry because the pharmacist knows me by name and what medications I’m on.

My car is old enough that I can get the cheaper replacement parts at an auto wreckers.

I don’t have to fill up with gas, I just put a bit in to freshen up the old gas that’s been in the tank since the last NDP government.

We certainly don’t get excited about a raise on our pension or disability cheque as it’s usually less than one per cent and therefore too small to calculate.

I am a senior and if anyone takes exception to this letter, you can buy me a coffee and we’ll talk about it.

Kenn McFadden

Duncan, B.C.

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