Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Abolish the Senate

Frankly a group of volunteer grannies would be far more effective

Abolish the Senate

Each day that goes by only confirms what a great country we live in and how important our institutions and personal responsibilities are.

In Canada the very least is a somebody. It could be said Canada Day’s 150 birthday is a sign of maturity and when U.K. Queen Elizabeth II’s reign fades into history, Canadians provide their own head of state, perhaps from the First Nations or Federal Union of Municipalities or ?

Now would be a very good time to abolish the Canadian Senate, known for flaunting its status in infamous scandals, abuse of outrageous salaries, benefits and even snoring.

Releasing the senators would provide them the wonderful opportunity to integrate into Canadian society and contribute to its common good. Frankly, a group of volunteer grannies would be far more effective and distinguished than the Senate. The Senate chambers would be wonderfully better utilized if converted to a hostel for visiting youth.

Canada is a compassionate country, so it would be an ideal time to review what we’re doing in the 16-year war in Afghanistan etc. Or, if we should use Canada’s wealth on costly jet fighters or rather drones or mercy aircraft?

We would do well to review our immigration policy. Is it manageable and should it encourage integration?

We sing “Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.” This is vital but there are also many ways to do so. Happy Birthday Canada Day!

Joe Schwarz


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