LETTER: A world-class park

The three proposed campgrounds for Stave West exciting news for all Lower Mainland residents.

The Stave West Master Plan is indeed deserving of praise that it is in existence.

The three  proposed campgrounds for Stave West are  great and exciting news for all Lower Mainland residents, who are being increasingly condensed into a restricted area.

I would like to throw down the challenge to municipalities, Fraser Valley Regional Parks, B.C. Parks, conservationists and First Nations to create a world-class park, similar to Rouge National Urban Park in Ontario, by combining Hayward Lake, Stave  River, down to the Fraser River by  Silvermere  Island, through  rural Silverdale and up over Silverhill.

Judging by the available maps of Stave West, I hope the huge acreage allocated for motorized vehicles will not impinge on the  equestrian, hiking and camping areas, as  dirt bikes are  horrendously  noisy.


Jeanette Smith,



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