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LETTER – A reminder to behave responsibly while enjoying nature

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

During this challenging time, it is especially important for us to reflect on the importance of not seeing ourselves separate from nature, but a part of nature.

At no time, has this been more important.

Let’s start by remembering that in spring, there are a lot of wild mothers working hard to protect and provide for their little ones.

Please play your part in helping them by putting away attractants that could get wild mothers like bears, into trouble, and by keeping your pets indoors and your farm animals in a secured shelter so mother cougars with babies to feed, aren’t tempted.

Let’s also play our part by not cutting trees down while birds are nesting.

There is never a good time to let your dog run wild and chase any animals, but especially at this time when wild babies are so vulnerable. To those people enjoying the beautiful walks along the Trent River in our amazing valley, PLEASE stop letting your dogs run wild, barking at and chasing the wildlife.

Let’s all do our part.

This is in all of our best interests, including our wild friends, for all of us to enjoy a happy, healthy life and all be a part of nature.

Trish Boyum,


Comox Valley Record

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