Daniel Larsen, 10, wants to get back on the ball diamond – soon. (Special to the Langley Advance Times)

LETTER: 10-year-old Langley boy pleads for return of baseball

Only a few steps need be taken to make this sport safe for players and fans alike, youngster says

Dear Editor,

Baseball should be open by now!

First of all, baseball is one of the only sports that you already social distance in, besides the dugout.

The dugout could be spread out by not sitting in it but sitting outside of it six feet apart.

This also goes for the fans. The fans don’t need to sit on the bleachers but can sit six feet apart on the outfield fence.

Every inning you could sanitize your hands and you could also sanitize the ball.

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Secondly, all the stores and restaurants are starting to open, and you get way closer than you do in baseball.

All the vulnerable, elderly, and middle-aged people are starting to get out, but the kids aren’t?

You must agree it doesn’t make any sense.

Next, kids need to see other kids.

People are now saying video games are good because it makes you feel connected.

Going outside and playing sports isn’t good but video games are?

That’s how much it’s changed.

Three kids have been reported dead from the coronavirus in U.S.A. by April and who knows if they were healthy. (www.cdc.gov)

Kids would be healthier and have a better immune system, which means the percentage of dying would go down from around 0.000003 to 0.000002.

Last of all, you could make the parents or guardians sign a waiver that they play at their own risk.

Come on! Start up baseball!

Daniel Larsen, Langley, age 10

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