Letter: $10 a day – who will pay?

Editor: I noticed in Muriel Schroyen’s letter (the Times, Jan. 25) regarding $10 a Day daycare that she thinks it is a great idea and she recommends we go to the 10aDay.ca web site.

I did and noted a glaring thing missing. Who will pay?

The idea may have some merit, but on the site they talk about people (who make) under $40,000 paying zero and staff earning $25 an hour.

Quebec has a similar plan, but also has by far the highest taxes in Canada. NDP and bleeding hearts who have no income may think this plan is great, but middle income taxpayers with income between $40,000 and $80,000 will definitely be hurt in the pocketbook.

People like the Muriel believe money grows on trees.

Bill Donaldson,


Langley Times

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