Let’s try before we buy when it comes to electoral reform

Editor: Mr. Drysdale “doesn’t think our system is broken” and yet there he stands on the sidelines while these important decisions are being made in Ottawa.

The conservative voters of Cloverdale-Langley City have no voice in Ottawa because of the disproportionality of our current system.

If Canada used the STV system, as an example, Langley would enjoy multiple Conservative members sitting in the House of Commons including, most likely, Mr. Drysdale. The 2015 Conservative platform promised to create a new law requiring a referendum before any change to our voting system.

If this isn’t evidence that even the CPC doesn’t believe one is legally required, I don’t know what is.

However if one is required, I completely agree with Mr. Jones that a referendum should only be held after we have had an opportunity to try out a new system.

The last time we had a referendum on BC-STV we were fed a constant stream of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Let us “try before we buy” so everyone will have a chance to see for themselves how it works.

Will Breeze,

Walnut Grove

Langley Times

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