Let’s try a Vancouver Island exchange program

Newsrooms get a steady stream of news releases, many of them from various levels of government.

Newsrooms get a steady stream of news releases, many of them from various levels of government.

Most get a quick heave-ho into the nearest digital or physical trash/recycling bin, often because they have no direct relevance to the media’s coverage area.

A recent one from Tourism Minister Pat Bell caught our attention. It noted that Travel+Leisure Magazine recently named Vancouver Island the top island in the continental U.S. and Canada. The Island, Bell added, is also the “10th-ranked island in the world and home to some of the magazine’s top-rated Canadian resorts.”

Bell continued his run of factual statements by pointing out that our island has many attractions for locals and visitors alike. Then he encouraged us to explore our own island with family and friends.

It’s good advice.

As much as travelling to exotic overseas destinations is good for the soul and personal growth, Vancouver Islanders are blessed with an abundance of getaway paradises close to home.

Besides being easier on the bank account and eco-friendly (burning less fuel), vacationing close to home helps the local and regional economy.

How about a Vancouver Island exchange program? For example, visit family in Port McNeill and friends in Victoria. After they show you around their backyards, it would be your turn to host them for a visit to the magnificent Comox Valley.

Everybody wins, including the Island economy.

The B.C. government is apparently doing its share to increase tourism throughout the province.

Bell mentioned 100BCMoments.com, part of a new marketing campaign to promote B.C. in key North American markets. The 100 BC Moments campaign features some of the most memorable tourism activities throughout B.C., along with trip ideas and special offers.

For more about Victoria is spending our money, visit www.facebook.com/HelloBC.

Don’t rely on the government, though. Spread the word yourself. B.C. is an easy sell.


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