Let’s not think ahead for future generations

Let’s think of as many excuses as we can to vote ‘no’ in transit referendum.

Editor: Re: Letter from B. Taylor (March 24).

Gee, Mr. Taylor — let’s not think ahead for future generations. Let’s think of as many excuses as we can to vote ‘no.’

And perhaps if enough of us selfish self-centred “no more of my money” boomers vote ‘no’ to the tiny 0.5 per cent sales tax, we can leave the following generations even more of a mess to clean up after us.

That will be on top of the $614 billion national debt, and estimated many many billions in toxic messes like the Giant gold mine fiasco, as well as the catastrophic costs of climate change issues coming at them. These include more frequent and drastic weather-related fire, flood, and drought damage, as well as the resultant ever more expensive food.

On top of all this, the boomer-echo generation has been warned to prepare to pay for an exponential increase in health care costs to warehouse a “tsunami” of Alzheimered boomers.

I wonder if they’ll eventually find a far less expensive final solution to relieve that problem, to help them pay for all the other inherited challenges we’re leaving them?

R.L. Read,


Langley Times