Let’s get real

Instead of spouting buzzwords, candidates should get down to the details

Let’s quit the rhetoric and get some real direction, or are we  “sustaining the sustainability.”

I continue to read the bollocks as we ramp up to a provincial election, such as: “we need to look closely at,” “there is an urgent need to deal with the economy,”  “we are concerned with sustainability,” “economic performance during this time is still a concern,” “the formula for school funding is not working,” “more discussions need to go into natural resources” and “there’s something happening that’s creating a higher level of poverty.”

I note that none of the candidates to be our next voice have anything to say! They disgorge and continue to use well crafted, verbose, and polispeak to tell us what we already know.

Not a single candidate has any positive or creative ideas as to what to do.

When the next candidate’s forum is offered, we must ask some simple questions like: what are you going to do and what is the direction you will lead us in?

We want our elected representatives to have a positive effect on the issues.

Perhaps it might be nice to hear: “I will cut your taxes by 10 per cent by trimming the fat and wasteful bureaucracy by (let us be specific) measures to make that happen.” We want you to find that way before you get there.

Come on folks, serious times require serious action. There are no problems, only opportunities for creative and positive solution.

And let’s also consider not using negative advertisements.

Allan Clark

Qualicum Beach




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