Let kids be kids

I recall while going to school the ageist attitude of several people within the town.

I grew up in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach area and went to the old QBMS and graduated from KSS before The Gardens was built.

I recall while going to school the ageist attitude of several people within the town.

It was ridiculous, and it made me angry.

I volunteered within my community and never so much as spit my gum on the sidewalk. The attitudes of some people here made it very clear to me that they didn’t want anyone my age in the town.

Of course, the new QBMS is in the middle of nowhere and KSS faces closure, so obviously these select people are getting what they want, but I digress.

I live in Qualicum and my major complaint is that from about 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. I usually see groups of 14 or 15-year-olds wandering around, intoxicated, cursing and shouting. It makes me wonder if the parents are aware that their children are out, drunk or making a general nuisance of themselves at that hour.

Where are your kids at 4 a.m.? That to me is a real problem.

What I don’t think is a problem is a kid going out for a day, enjoying the sunshine and skateboarding on a public boardwalk.

I’m quite certain that their parents’ tax dollars went toward building it and as such they have as much right to use it as anyone else.

Of course they should be demonstrating caution so as not to inadvertently hit someone or knock anyone over.

Get a hold of yourselves and stop acting so entitled. Kids are only that age for so long and then it’s gone.

Let them have some fun before they turn into some of the cantankerous folk that roam about this area, grumbling and commenting on the nerve of kids being kids.

Megan Riordon, Qualicum Beach

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