Lawsuits cost taxpayers plenty of money

Two lawsuits involving Langley Township will end up costing taxpayers a lot of money.

Editor: The Township of Langley is becoming embarrassing.

It is still extremely puzzling to me why we are condoning building on our designated agricultural land. Surely Township council, who represent the people, can see the eventual devastation that reduction of valuable farmland or wildlife habitat would have on their grandchildren and future generations.

It is almost incomprehensible that Trinity Western University, a Christian university, would endanger these future generations by creating a “university district” on arable land.  Isn’t this putting the emphasis in the wrong place?

Therefore, it is not surprising that Metro Vancouver is involved in a lawsuit against Langley for going against the regional plan, which was devised by experts to create sensible rules for all districts to follow.

I must assume that Metro Vancouver agrees that to build on designated agricultural land is not as valuable as the future food production and wildlife habitat in the increasingly populated Fraser Valley. Why would the Agricultural Land Commission agree to this plan, considering its mandate?

Another issue is the fact that Langley Township is also being sued for passing a bylaw allowing a large building which does not conform to the OCP and heritage guidelines in historic Fort Langley. This is in a village surrounding the National Historic Site, where B.C. was officially created.

There are 300,000 visitors a year coming to experience a special village, not a business centre, in a designated heritage area.

The expense of these lawsuits would seem to be an inordinately wasteful way to spend our taxpayer dollars

Bays Blackhall,


Langley Times

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