Langley Township council function on a ‘sphere of their own’

Constituents should not be treated as a fire hydrant for a male dog’s convenience.

Editor: Is Langley Township council becoming like the TransLink board — a head in the clouds, high-handed lot? The council members seem to function on a sphere of their own. If this is the case, voters elected a pig in a poke.

Mayor Jack Froese is for moving matters forward, but that appears to be hampered somewhat by the meeting format that you commented on (The Times, June 12). The lack of common sense exercised by what we voters thought were responsible people is appalling. It’s like Township council is on auto pilot in demanding waters.

So many things seem to be linked — the push to run more trains on the CP rail line through Langley; the South Fraser perimeter road; Roberts Bank super port; industrialization of Barnston Island. It all appears to be the work of one huge consortium to achieve a plan to serve some common interests — ideological or otherwise.

Of course the ports are important for commerce. But constituents should not be treated as a fire hydrant for a male dog’s convenience. That is quasi-democracy.

The Township has signed off on its sovereignty to Metro Vanouver. We now need Metro Vancouver’s urbanite warlord to grant permission, due to the Regional Growth Strategy.

But then large consortiums tell everyone to go to hell. So why is there a double standard?

Our two Langleys allowed this to happen with their eyes wide open. As letter writer Dennis Townsend points out (The Times, June 12), lobby groups are in control. This is what we have at Township council.

People in authority need to know that many of their constituents are at a point of severe cynicism, which could eventually lead to some sort of reaction nationwide, as well as here at ground zero in Langley.

It’s goodbye to genuine democracy.

Harvey D. Schultz,


Langley Times