Langley Township council betraying residents of Brookswood and Fernridge

Township was not prepared for public hearing turnout and ignores concerns of residents.

Editor: The process for the Brookswood Fernridge Community Plan Update Bylaws 5057 and 5058 has shown that the Township of Langley’s mayor and council run more of a dictatorship role than a democracy. They are supposed to be there for the people of the Township. They are not.

The notice of the public hearing was sent to 5,000 people. What did they expect? They were not ready. The new sound system did not work, how convenient. This was a public hearing for the people. The mayor stated that it only mattered that council members heard the comments.

The mayor and council have turned a deaf ear to the people who live in Brookswood and Fernridge, and focus solely on the landowners who want to make the big bucks.

These days, no matter what level of government, the “powers to be” feel the need to leave a legacy of themselves behind, regardless of the damage done in the process.  I know many people who have voiced their concerns and opinions, only to be told it doesn’t matter, this is going through.

Come on Township residents, wake up, this or something similar could soon happen to you. What are they talking about developing in Aldergrove? Do you want a repeat of this situation?

Remember a past quote that the mayor and council will do what they want, not what you want. This mayor and council are only here for their personal interests, not yours.  Once Brookswood and Fernridge are developed and unrecognizable, maybe the Township should install new signs welcoming people to the Destruction of Langley, because soon everything that has made Langley unique (including Glen Valley) will have been destroyed.

Shame on Councillor Bob Long for his Facebook comments. What a slap in the face to these people. It’s disrespect at its finest — telling them to set up a booth and do fundraising for whatever event they have as there will be plenty of people on hand for the Tuesday hearing (tonight). He doesn’t deserve to sit on council after making a comment like that. Maybe he should focus on improving the quality of living in Aldergrove.

Colleen Van Leersum,


Langley Times