Langford resident fears further increases in traffic

More tall buildings in the city means more traffic, reader writes

Re: Lagoon area tragedy waiting to happen (Our View, May 17)

I have driven this road several times as of late and I always drive the speed limit. I always have a lineup of cars behind waiting to get to the first intersection to pass me in order to drive faster.

I have also noticed since I moved to Langford 3 1/2 years ago, that the traffic has steadily increased here, too. I think Langford is becoming a high-rise city given that in the past year there were five six-storey apartment buildings that went up on one street alone. Currently under construction there are at least five more six-storey buildings, all within a one mile radius.

There have been several others constructed in Langford over the past two years. On May 15 Langford council gave second and third reading to a bylaw to allow construction, subject to conditions set out by council, of an 11-storey tower with approximately 100 dwelling units. This will probably increase the traffic flow in Langford by a minimum of 100 vehicles per day, plus all the other buildings that are currently under construction.

I live on Peatt Road and I believe it is a secondary road for vehicles to enter the city to bypass Veterans Memorial Parkway. Since I moved here, I have noticed the congestion on Peatt Road increasing daily.

I have Parkinson’s disease, which means I need exercise so I walk every day. It is getting to the point that with all of the traffic on Veterans and Peatt, I no longer feel it is environmentally safe to walk down these streets, due to all the exhaust fumes.

Every day I see so many drivers going through red lights at intersections. Just yesterday I was waiting at Phipps Road and Langford Parkway and saw a city bus run a red light. What is the solution to all of the traffic, all the speeders and all of the drivers who drive through red lights?

I think each municipality should install cameras at the major intersections to catch red-light drivers and I think the government should bring back photo radar.

Denise Ryan


Goldstream News Gazette