Landowners who funded Brookswood plan were exerting undue influence

Landowners paying for a community plan and meeting with planners during the process is a sure sign of bias.

Editor: This is a response to “Election 2014: Froese refutes Green’s claims on developer funding of Brookswood OCP process.” (, posted Nov. 7).

The fact of the matter remains this:

A known landowner and planning bias was present during the Brookswood OCP process, owing to the $500,000 fronted by the 10 landowners. One or more landowner representatives met with the planners during the process. After all, the landowners are paying for it, right?  This is bias.

The landowners may not have been controlling the process directly but through cross-pollination (and OCP planner knowledge that a particular third party may be paying their wages), undue influence was there.

The latest Brookswood/Fernridge OCP attempt is tainted. Since it’s tainted due to bias, not one part of it should be used ever again. The entire plan should be scrapped, and not used as reference in the future.

This type of “front money” can never, ever be considered “above board,” due to the incredible bias it creates, as stated.

The process took place under the assumption that a large segment of the Langley population were gullible fools. I trust now you know otherwise.

Thank you to the landowners for strengthening our communities, even if it was unintended.

David Chambers,


Langley Times