Kudos to two letter writers

Kudos to two letter writers

The substitution of "holiday" for "Christmas" is indeed ridiculous

Kudos to two letter writers

The recent snowfall that should have happened in January reminded me of two letters written in that month that I wanted to comment on but did not get to. The first was by K. Beaumont entitled “People using ‘Holiday’ instead of ‘Christmas’ is Annoying.” (Jan. 9, Citizen) and was dead on. The substitution of “holiday” for “Christmas” is indeed ridiculous, but Beaumont should take heart from one aspect of the struggle.

The War on Christmas has been going on for years now, and radical secularists have not yet succeeded in eliminating it, despite their best efforts. It is all part of the ongoing struggle to condition us and engage in social engineering that will make us deny our history and heritage. We will undoubtedly have to fight it for years to come, but they are not winning.

The second letter was written by Martin Barker entitled “Real Dialogue Needed on GHGs” (Jan. 18, Citizen). Like the first, it was dead on in its sentiment and contention that the radically partisan cartoon about Andrew Scheer was uncalled for and inaccurate. He was entirely right in identifying the blatant tendency of those on the progressive left to demonize those who disagree with them and thereby avoid real dialogue. It is only with such dialogue that we will be able to determine the truth and come to some real solutions.

Congratulations to both authors for their insightful comments and courage in stating their viewpoints.

Perry Foster


Cowichan Valley Citizen