Keep smoking clear from shared space

Dear Editor,

I was elated to read that the condo strata council where Paul Aradi lives won their day in court, forcing Mr. Aradi to stop smoking in his condo unit [Senior must butt out, Jan. 28, Langley Advance].

In his defence, Mr. Aradi took to stating mobility issues, smoking since he was a teenager, veteran status and that he lived in his residence before the condo strata passed the non-smoking bylaws 2009.

None of these give Mr. Aradi the right to cause serious health issues and disturbances to his neighbours.

Mr. Aradi’s right to smoke does not overrule a person’s right to be in a non-smoking environment, free from dangerous carcinogens and the terrible smell that accompanies the habit.

I believe that all condo and townhome complexes should implement a strict non-smoking rule not only on common property, but inside the units wherever there is a shared common wall or vent. A smoker must be forced to leave the property and engage in the habit in an area where it does not impede other people’s rights.

This should include people who engage in smoking any other type of drug paraphernalia.

If Mr. Aradi wants to smoke in his home, then he needs to purchase a single, detached home, stay inside and smoke to his heart’s content.

That way he’s happy and his smoking is contained to himself.

Sandra Steffan, Willowbrook



Langley Advance