Keep on trolleying

Ann Calder says the Ladysmith trolley has helped her mother-in-law gain back some independence.


My husband and I moved to Ladysmith to retire about five years ago and fell in love with this little town.

Due to various circumstances, my husband’s mother later moved here as well.

She has had to downsize, adapt to a new environment and even voluntarily give up her driver’s licence knowing that her eyesight was poor.

After losing some of her independence, she has expounded on the sheer delight she enjoys being able to catch the trolley. She even obtained a pass and will use the trolley to get a few groceries or pop into the library.

She is a fantastic woman who has found a way to mintain her independence in a fun and safe way.

The trolley may be controversial regarding economic benefits  and passenger usage, but as far as senior independence, it is priceless.  Keep on trolleying.

Ann Calder


Ladysmith Chronicle

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