Katimavik: Canadian eh?

Young Katimavik member from Quebec begins a weekly column in the Observer

It is incredible how language creates an identity for a population. Whatever the rest of the world thinks about us, we are proud of our languages!

Last week, I found a video on Youtube where a guy was imitating Canadians.  “Looks like a moose. Could be a deer though,” he mocked.

“Who said soda, it’s pop!”

He then went into the infamous “eh?” Maple syrup was also featured in the video.

At the winter carnival, I saw a plain card which said, Drinks, hot chocolate, $1, Pop $2.

When I see this, I just start to laugh. Afterwards I heard a lot of people in Quesnel who said the word pop.

It is very incredible!

Last Sunday, we were at Pinnacles Provincial Park, when we saw a moose. For me, it is normal to be surprised by a moose the first time, but after two, it is enough!

But not so for the other Katimavik members who are not from Quebec – they were used to it!

It is good to have different perspectives and learn from one another.

Since I will be writing in more I would like to tell you a little but about myself.

My name is Patrice Drapeau-Bisson. I am from Quebec City in the province of Quebec. I am 19 years old and it is my first time in B.C.

It is very nice to start at Quesnel for my first rotation (we are going at Montreal for the second rotation.)

I am trying to write a column each week where I compare Quebec with this beautiful province that is British Columbia!

Patrice Drapeau-Bisson is a Katimavik member, soaking in all things Quesnel.


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