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Resident opposed to further investment in Vernon Airport

Lets just say no from the beginning to the few special interest groups wanting taxpayers to spend between $5.3 and $8.6 million to expand the Vernon Airport and increase flight traffic at the airport by more than 60 per cent.

To rile up the environmentalist against the airport expansion, the expansion would have to divert Vernon Creek.

An expansion would also cause a huge increase in noise.

I have lived in Okanagan Landing and close to the airport for over 35 years and enjoy it here.

The air traffic can already get annoying on some days while outside in the garden, but not abusive.

An increase of the number of flights and an increase in the noise level by the larger size of planes will truly harm the quality of our rural lifestyle and is unneeded.

I think of our rural lifestyle in Okanagan Landing as similar to living in the BX or in the Coldstream valley, quiet but tolerant to appropriate development.

Vernon also has an international airport just 30 minutes south of here at Kelowna. Isn’t that good enough?

Bruce Bernhardt



Vernon Morning Star

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