Judge fairly

Resident concerned about comments directed towards the prime minister

This is written in response to the letter entitled Oversight inadequate (March 13).

One prevalent sign of an election year is the ever-increasing number of letters from a leftist or socialist perspective.  These letters mainly attack personalities, rather than seek to clarify a point or inform with regard to their own “wonderful” platform.

Lloyd Atkins, for instance, either sees Stephen Harper as evil, or is attempting to trash his policies by means of subjective opinions seemingly in an effort to aid and abet the left-wing agenda in Canada.

The tactics are stale but nevertheless effective, because in a society that adheres to no objective moral code, it is easy to sway people through emotional rhetoric.

It would seem that political socialism in various forms has taken the place of religion for more and more “progressive-minded” people.  Therefore, for them, what promotes this socialism is good and what exposes or denies this socialism is evil.

Atkins, among many others, can thus claim to be doing good as he seeks to discredit Mr. Harper and everything he does and says.  He apparently even feels justified in attacking and mocking what he personally determines Harper is thinking – all in the name of social justice, of course.

Mr. Harper’s leadership must be fairly assessed and understood with common sense and good judgment.  Otherwise we cannot claim to have a citizenry truly capable of determining to whom the leadership of our country should be entrusted.

M. Strangward


Vernon Morning Star