Jones putting together community choir for spring

letter to the editor from Leah Jones - Jones putting together community choir for spring

To the editor;

Hi everyone.  A quick head’s up for this spring’s choir…. building on the success of the Christmas season…  and again… I just have to say how impressed I was by the singing the choir did and the pieces they mastered. So proud!

Please remember this is a community choir open to anyone who likes to sing.  It is a learning choir, no auditions are required,  just a love of singing songs.

I’d like this spring’s concerts to be a concerted effort to bring awareness to the dire straits our local and global water resources are in.  I am considering Mother’s Day weekend for the performances.

The songs will be vary from sea shanty’s to folk songs, and a welcome back of two from the previous spring, Loch Lomond and A Song For The Mira – favourites!   Girls watch out!  A French song (pronunciation guides will be Jen for Clearwater and Monique for Barriere),  and some gospel for the gals and guys too (Down to the Water to Pray).

I’m also asking for instrumentals, and that includes guitar, mandolin, harmonica, cello, flute or violin, hand drum, and anything else that we’d like.  Oh, penny whistle for sure!

First practice in Clearwater is Tuesday, Feb. 4, and Barriere, on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 6:45 p.m.  Come earlier for chatting.  I’ll be there 6:30 p.m.

I’m going to try to involve the kids in some songs too.  I will need long lengths of blue and green material for water.  Guys, you will be asked to do a skit during one of the songs. Wes, Richard, Bob, and other brave souls, you are on call for this.  Please research clam shucking, geoduck and seaweed, purchase or make some bibs, and I’m assuming you own rubber boots.

Gonna be fun!

Leah Jones

Barriere and Clearwater Community Choir


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