John Phillips perfect spot for dogs and humans

Reader says she's never witnessed a dog out of control in the park



Re: John Phillips park loved by both dogs and humans (Letter, July 9)

I’ve been raving to people for years about our great park and dog park. We are walking our second generation of dogs in the park, so I speak with a bit of knowledge – time served!

I was going to agree with Nina about saving the $15,000 needed for the dog pen. Then I read the letter from Matt Price (July 16) about how the dogs in the park are not under control.

I was dumbfounded. I’ve never witnessed a dog out of control in the park.

Dogs do love the park. They chase balls, play, and visit friends – both canine and human. We look forward to the friends we’re going to see as we walk the loop.

As we’ve travelled in the past 15 years, we’ve been in many dog parks and I have to say you meet the nicest, kindest people and dogs there.

Perhaps Matt should spend a little more time with his dog and kids in the park before he writes an angry letter that infers dogs are running wild and scaring children. I’m sure he’d meet the very nice dogs and people we have.

If Mr. Price doesn’t have the time for that then perhaps we do need a $15,000 fenced pen for people to feel safe while walk their dogs and kids -.

Wendy Milne


Sooke News Mirror