The start of September means back to reality for a lot of us. (Jocelyn Doll-Revelstoke Review)

Jocelyn’s Jottings: Summer is over, now get out and vote!

Welcome back everyone!

Welcome back everyone!

It’s the time of year when the people who checked out during the summer find themselves shivering around the campfire at night and realize it’s already September, the world is still a mess and their boss expects them back at work.

For those of you who are still bleary eyed and zombie shuffling through the eight-hour work day, here is a bit of a recap of what you have missed and upcoming opportunities to participate in democracy.

1. The federal election on Sept. 20

We have once again been called to the polls, despite the last federal election happening in 2019.

Normally the terms are four years, but this one, like the provincial election last fall, has been called early.

In our riding, Kootenay-Columbia, we have five candidates:

•Rob Morrison, Conservative, incumbent

•Wayne Stetski, NDP

•Robin Goldsbury, Liberal

•Rana Nelson, Green

•Sarah Bennett, People’s Party

As the parties squabble, I encourage you to vote in alignment with your values. The promises will change, the arguing will continue but people don’t really change.

2. Vacation rentals regulations public hearing

Later this month city council will host a public hearing to discuss proposed bylaw amendments that will regulate short term rentals within the city.

Highlights of the changes include:

•all residential-zoned properties eligible to have a legal short term rental

•on site operator, available to address concerns 24/7 required

•vacation rentals limited to secondary suites

•maximum of six guests

•one of-street parking spot required for each bed

•cap of 300 business licenses available

For more information read our news stories on the matter or check out

Share your thoughts on this!

Whether in support or against.

Too often I see councillors (everywhere I’ve ever lived) base their decisions on opinions of a very small group of people.

Let’s hear from a large group!

3. Official Community Plan update

City staff are working on updating the Official Community Plan, which will guide city policy, development decisions and everything else for the next 20 years.

The process is going through neighbourhood by neighbourhood but at the moment have created and are seeking feedback on the framework for the document, aka. the table of contents.

You can find the documents online at and submit feedback via a survey that can be found in the same place.

If you have concerns about what Revelstoke is going to look like in the future, this, not Facebook or over coffee with friends, is the place to air your concerns.

I could go on, but with the fourth wave of COVID, the bleak news coming out of Afghanistan, the continued announcements of bodies being found at residential school sites and, and, and…it is all a bit overwhelming.

Let’s try to ease into the fall rather than just belly flopping.

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