It’s all about the money

B.C. Liberal government in a desperate 'hunt' for funds

To the editor:

It should come as no surprise to Rod Hennecker that this government wants to see more land removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

With the [B.C. Liberal] government basing its whole fiscal plan on the development of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, which when or if it is developed, any financial benefits will be years down the road, they are in a desperate hunt for money any place they can find it.

Land removed from the ALR will be taxed much higher than it would have been as ALR land, adding substantially more money to government coffers.

It’s the same as we are seeing with all the other increases taking place, such as BC Hydro rates, ICBC. rates, Medical premiums, Carbon Taxes, and the list goes on.

We are now paying taxes on taxes. (But according to B.C. Liberal government no tax increases.)

These governments – be it federal, provincial, municipal or regional – do not seem to realize that the middle income and lower income worker along with those on fixed incomes have no more to give.

We are steadily falling further behind.

If we, as consumers, are losing our disposable income because of the government stealing too much from us, how does the government expect to have the economy grow when the consumer has no money to spend on goods and services?

What everyone must remember is that government or business do not create jobs.

They may employ people, but in the end, it is the consumer that creates the jobs. One has only to look at Detroit City for proof of this.

George Tyler

70 Mile House

100 Mile House Free Press

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