Inspiring young people

This week I had the pleasure of talking to two very inspiring young men.

This week I had the pleasure of talking to two very inspiring young men.

Both Jeff Scott and Dustin King grew up in Burns  Lake, and both are leading the charge to help others in two very different, but equally inspirational ways.

To me, it is remarkable that in a very short space of time, just a little over a year and a half, Jeff Scott has not only overcome a tragic accident, gone through extensive rehabilitation and come to grips with a life changing spinal cord injuries, but is now working to help others in a similar situation.

He proves that nothing should stop you from achieving your goals and his story should inspire us all to do better. Through the ‘Live it Love it Foundation’ he is helping to bring adventure, fun, self confidence and independence to those with spinal cord injuries. Just looking at the videos posted on the Live it Love it Foundation’s website is enough to know that the adaptive adventures Scott is helping to bring to others, is life changing for them.

While many people have adventure sports like bungy jumping on their bucket lists, for me, even the thought of it is enough to make my knees go weak.  The kids participating in the Live it Love it Foundation camps look to embrace bungy jumping with gusto, wheelchairs and all.

Scott has proven that having a disability is not the end of life outdoors. He says, people with disabilities have a right to take part in the same outdoor activities as everyone else and he has set out to ensure that this is possible and affordable.

Determination and stamina are major assets when it comes to success and it seems that Scot has both qualities in abundance.

Local, Dustin King is also on a path to greatness.

At the ripe old age of 24, he has so far been awarded with more than 10 awards and scholarships – competing for them against some of the brightest student minds in Canada. I have to admit that talking to the biochemistry and molecular biology student is just a little intimidating. I profess to know only a little about biology and even less about biochemistry.

If you read King’s published article [web address at the end of the story on page 2] you will get a small insight into the brilliant mind of King. For a university student, to have something published in an academic journal is the ultimate achievement. He is also making a name for himself in the world of science. He was interviewed by the BBC and his published article will be read worldwide. A phenomenal achievement by any standards.

King wanted to make sure that I mentioned to the community that he is 50 per cent Aboriginal and he also wanted to say that everyone, no matter who they are can achieve their goals – they just have to make a point of setting them and going after them. What an inspiration.

Both are graduates of Lakes District Secondary School so I hope that local students read both stories this week, and find them inspirational.

Everyone is capable of achieving their goals …. you just have to set them and put your mind to it.

Inspiring young people


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