Individual student needs to be highest priority

But necessary resources (funding) supports need to be in place

To the editor:

As a retired educator (2012), I would like to share my thoughts on Education Minister (Peter) Fassbender’s proposed amendments to the Education Statutes Act.

Minister Fassbender states “new, innovative approaches” will benefit student learning and achievement.

I agree that meeting individual student needs has to be the highest priority.  This can be achieved if the necessary resources (funding) and supports are in place.

The frustrations and struggles faced by teachers and support staff occur when school districts are underfunded and required to cut budgets that are already pared to the bone.

This year-after-year underfunding needs to stop.

It is worthy of note that innovative approaches to benefit student learning are honed through teacher-directed professional development activities, workshops, courses and collaborative study groups.

The fine art of teaching and a love of learning cannot be legislated, despite the proposed amendments.

Marjatta Chapman

Lac la Hache


100 Mile House Free Press