Incinerator update

Concerned Citizens of Grindrod/Enderby provide update on meat waste incinerator proposal

On March 3, 2010, a public hearing was held at the RDNO to discuss whether ALR land near Enderby should be re-zoned to allow a trial meat waste incinerator and also if the OCP be amended to allow incineration on agricultural land.

The meeting room was filled, opposition was strong, but due to a procedural error made by RDNO, the decision by RDNO was deferred to a later date.

That date will never come as on Jan. 17, 2012, it was confirmed in writing that the file has been closed. For undisclosed reasons the applicant chose not to proceed.

So, to the 2,755 people who signed the petition opposing incineration on agricultural land in the North Okanagan, thank you.

We also must thank the multitudes that wrote to local, provincial and federal bodies. People like you make democracy work and for now the door to incineration on agricultural land in the North Okanagan has quietly swung shut.

Karen Dittloff,

Concerned Citizens of Grindrod/Enderby and Area



Vernon Morning Star