IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Trash for Treasure will reduce waste

Mark your calendars. Saturday, April 21 is Trash to Treasure Day.

Mark your calendars. Saturday, April 21 is Trash to Treasure Day.

Have good items that are no longer useful to you? Put them at your curb for others to pick up and put to good use.

This event seems to be gaining popularity, not only on this weekend, but also throughout the year, as items are being put out with free signs on them. What a wonderful way to share gently-used products we no longer have use for with others and thus, saving our landfills.

In conjunction with this event, we will be having a one-time only chance to have your metal objects that are piling up in yards and fields picked up at no charge.

Anything metal qualifies for this pick up: fridges, farm implements, barbecues, propane tanks, wire as well as vehicles, etc. The contractor will come directly to your address and take anything metal off your hands. With the cost for tipping fees at the landfill about to rise, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this service.

Arrangements have been made with a contractor (with no money coming from the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary or the customer to perform this service). Arrangements must be made ahead of time by calling a toll free number, 1-877-777-8354, to make pick up arrangements. Pick-up dates will be for the week of Sunday, April 22.

Just a reminder that the RDKB has bylaws in place, regarding derelict, unlicensed vehicles on a property that have been enforced in the past. It would be the perfect time to prevent forceful removal.

As mentioned, tipping fees at the landfill will be increasing this year. This increase is necessary to cover the cost of handling the waste materials and maintenance etc.

We are often questioned as to why we need to pay these fees. If the tipping fee were to be removed it would cost each household 40 per cent more for this service through taxation. Presently RDKB Area D is on a user pay system, meaning that if you generate the garbage, you pay to dispose of it.

The proposed increases to take the garbage to the landfill yourself are as follows. One bag goes from $2 to $3, construction materials from $130 to $150 and yard/garden waste from $2 to $3.

To avoid paying this increase in Areas C and D you can have your bags picked up by Kettle Valley Waste as a user pay – this works out to $2.86 per bag. By driving to the landfill yourself, you will not only have to pay more in fees but if you include the price of gas as well . . . I am sure you can do the math.

To get this service, call 1-877-447-9265 to get your tags and make arrangements for pick up.

More and more materials can now be recycled as well, minimizing the amount of items having to be disposed of as regular garbage.

A blue bag system for this service was implemented by the RDKB several years ago. While it is being used more and more, there are still residents who do not take advantage of this service or choose not to recycle for whatever reason. Once you start it, it becomes instinctual and you automatically do it. You are paying for this service by taxation so it seems one should take advantage of it.

Every other week, bags are picked up at your curb or road end. Place your items in a blue bag to indicate recycle.

Unfortunately there are still areas that are not being serviced and thus not taxed for this. It is hoped that we will expand this to include all areas of the region soon. To find out if this service is in your area, call the Environmental Services Department of the RDKB at 1-800-355-7352.

Happy spring and let’s get the junk out of our yards and make this a clean beautiful valley.

Irene Perepolkin is Area D director for the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.

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